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What is This Website?

This website is the official worldwide website of Chios® Energy Healing, a relatively new but perhaps the most comprehensive and powerful aura and chakra-based energy healing art in the world today. It contains information and full explanation of the powerful new energy healing techniques of Chios, which specifically and powerfully heal the true, root energetic defects in the aura and chakras. The Chios techniques are collectively perhaps the single greatest fundamental breakthrough in energy healing since the introduction of Reiki by Mikao Usui approximately 100 years ago (in the early 20th century). The body of knowledge and techniques comprising Chios has not previously been available in any spiritual or energy healing system.

What Makes Chios® Different From the Other Energy Healing "Modalities" Available Today?

Chios is the product of spiritual guidance plus twenty years of research, development and refinement. The spiritual contact that was the genesis of Chios provided carefully verified, accurate healing information from an authentic spiritual source (as opposed to one human being's possibly flawed or distorted sense of inner "guidance," knowledge borne only from the personal experience and interpretation of one person, or even "knowledge" merely the product of imagination). The Chios techniques were then perfected through rigorous evaluation, testing and careful refinement, over a total period of twenty years. The Chios information and techniques are also entirely original—they are not merely a restatement, modification, amalgamation or otherwise taken from any other healing system. You may wish to read the full story of the development of Chios, which is included in the Chios book (see below).

Is the Chios® Information Also Available in Book Form?

Yes, it is. The Chios book, "Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques to Heal the Human Energy Field" is available on The book includes all the information on this website, but also much more that cannot be included here due to space and formatting requirements. Step-by-step comprehensive instructions for all 62 Chios techniques (including the Chios Level III Master Techniques), a complete series of illustrations showing correct practice of the techniques, additional important background material guiding the student to mastery of the art and science of energy healing, a large volume of additional information on treatment of serious illnesses, and reference tables and an index are all included in the book. If you are a serious student of energy healing, you should consider purchasing the book (which is very highly-reviewed, is available at a very reasonable price and is a truly complete resource for energy healing work).

How Can I Learn and Practice Chios®--How is Chios Taught and Regulated?

You can learn advanced energy healing just by using the comprehensive step-by-step instructions in the Chios book. Many supplementary learning resources are available for free download, from this website (see the home page). If you wish to receive Chios energy attunements (which assist you in acquiring healing ability) or wish to earn your formal degree as a Chios Healing Practitioner or Chios Master Teacher, however, you will need to use the book and study with a Chios Master Teacher. Chios Master Teachers are qualified to give Chios attunements and have met the specific learning requirements of their own teachers in the Chios lineage, and are thus able to grant Chios degrees. If you choose to learn Chios from a Chios Master Teacher, you will select one from the many available all over the world, and after completion of your attunements and studies will become a fully-qualified and independent Chios Master Teacher yourself (as in Reiki). Choose your Chios Master Teacher carefully. Whether you are a prospective student or teacher, be aware that Chios is taught by all Chios Master Teachers equally--Chios is not regulated by any worldly organization or group. No person, association or group may represent itself as an "official" teaching or certifying agency or offer "official certification," nor purport to own, regulate, create rules for, be an authority for or govern Chios, nor place on the Internet any "official" website (although, as an independendent Chios Master Teacher you can of course have your own rules for your students and your own Chios websites). The creator of Chios has retained trademark rights and copyrights, to prevent misrepresentations and abuses. Whether you are a Chios student or Chios Master Teacher, if you see a violation please be sure to report abuse.

What Can I Expect to Learn, as a Chios® Student?

The Chios techniques are organized into three levels: 1) an introductory level (Chios Level I) in which you will learn simple energy channeling and how to sense the energy field with your hands; 2) an intermediate level (Chios Level II) in which you will learn to "read" the energy field, sense simple energetic defects in it, and learn many healing techniques to correct those defects, and 3) a Master level (Chios Level III/Chios Master Teacher)—containing the full power of this healing system—in which you will learn to fully sense and see the chakra system and seven layers of aura, and correct the energetic defects in them using a series of very powerful original techniques. These Chios Master Techniques—Chakra Charging, Chakra System Rebalancing, Radiatory Healing, Seventh-Layer Healing and Frisson Healing—are perhaps the most powerful energy healing techniques of their kind available anywhere in the world. Chios healing treatments, using these techniques, provide healing that might otherwise be unavailable from other healing arts. They may also facilitate spiritual growth, as an adjunct to other personal growth practices, as well as to provide generally enhanced health to body, mind and spirit.

What Else is Provided as Part of Chios®?

Chios healing includes an integral meditation method (Chios Meditation), a powerful meditation method for the energy healer which may provide all of the well-known benefits of meditation plus the development of the special abilities used in energy healing (visualization, the ability to perform intuitive readings, the ability to see the aura, the ability to direct energy, etc.). This meditation method is optional, but may assist you in rapidly acquiring these useful abilitlies. Chios also includes an additional series of personal growth exercises for the personal development of the energy healer, also optional, which fosters other abilities important to this healing work (Intuitive Self-Reading, Self Healing, Empathic Perception, Thought Communication and Advanced Meditation). An important part of Chios that is also included are in-depth procedures for complementary care of serious physical illness (the many forms of heart disease and cancer, diseases of the internal organs, brain and nervous system diseases, etc.). Chios is a comprehensive, fully integrated system of advanced original energy healing, beyond any previously available.

Why is So Much of This Information Put Out for Free on This Website? I Don't See Any Other Websites With Such Comprehensive Information on Them.

Energy healing is a key element of the profound change in consciousness now underway on our world, in this important time of transition. While the Chios system is trademarked and copyrighted (to protect the purity of the knowledge, and to prevent theft or misuse), most of this information is made freely available to you, on this website, so you can explore this knowledge. You can learn real energy healing directly from this website--Chios Level I, Chios Level III and a portion of Level III, with nothing else required. An integral foreign language translator, on each page of this website, can be used to translate all this information into any of 64 different languages—it is fully accessible to anyone in the world. Most of the Chios information is made freely available to you so that you may heal yourself, your patients and the world. For the most comprehensive learning resource available, however, you should consider purchasing the Chios book (see above).

Are Attunements Required to Learn Chios® Energy Healing?

No, you do not need any attunements to learn Chios (but they are very beneficial). Chios (like Reiki) offers a series of three healing attunements—the first, second and third attunements—that correspond to and are ideally included at the beginning of your study of each of the three Chios levels. These attunements, which are available either as in-person or distance attunements, initiate a more rapid acquisition of the ability to channel energy, color and light, and practice the Chios techniques. Attunements are given only by Chios Master Teachers who preserve their purity and integrity. Are Chios attunements absolutely necessary to learn energy healing? Of course not—many have learned without them. You can learn, use and enjoy every technique on this website, from the simplest to the most advanced, without any healing attunements. But, the series of three Chios attunements have been made available to assist you in quickly becoming proficient in this work, and many students have found them very beneficial. They include elements (e.g. bringing the spiritual energy up your spine and through all your chakras to open them) that many other healing attunements do not. Chios attunements are also required if you wish to earn your degree as a Chios Master Teacher and teach or practice as a healing arts professional.

Are Reiki Attunements Compatible With Chios®?

Attunements from other healing arts (e.g. Reiki) are not interchangeable with the Chios attunements and will not activate nor add to your ability to practice the Chios system—it is best to receive the Chios attunements. If you have already had Reiki attunements, however, you need not worry: Reiki attunements, although not the same as Chios attunements, will in no way detract or interfere with them. Chios attunements, should you elect to receive them, will also not interfere with any Reiki attunements you have received. Reiki and Chios are separate healing arts, with separate attunements that do not substitute for each other yet also do not interfere with each other. If you’ve studied Reiki, that will not interfere with your practice of Chios in any way; it is actually ideal preparation (the creator of Chios got his start as a Reiki Master).

What Does the Word "Chios" Mean, How Is It Pronounced and Why Was It Chosen as the Name of This Healing Art?

The word "Chios" (pronounced Cheeˊ ohss) is from the language of the ancient civilization of Bactria. The closest English translation to this word is "life force," although there is a fuller, richer meaning: Chios is the life-welling in all living things, as they strive upwards towards growth and towards the light and enlightenment. This meaning includes the growth of a plant upwards towards the sunlight, for example, or the struggle of a human being in the spiritual growth process, growing upward towards enlightenment. Steve Barrett (the creator of Chios) had a past life in this civilization, and the word "Chios" was chosen, for its beauty and relevance, as the name of this healing art.

Where Can One Find Out More Information About Chios®?

This website offers an excellent introduction to energy healing, and also offers much of the Chios information on it, with instructions for learning the Chios techniques. The Chios book (see above) is the definitive resource. Also, many Chios Master Teachers and Healing Practitioners also offer attunements and courses, and other information in their local areas and over the Internet. You may locate these resources by Googling (using "Chios Healing," "Chios Energy Healing" or similar keywords). This website also has a page of Chios Master Teachers (many of whom can be contacted by email).

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