Healing Level I

(Using the Passing of Hands)

After learning to call in the energy and channel it through your hands and into your patient, you can also learn to sense the energy—to feel the energy with your hands. This skill is useful, for you can use this ability to sense where and how your patient's energy field has acquired energetic defects, so you can correct them and bring renewed energetic health. You will be able to pay special attention to those areas in particular need of healing: you will conduct a greater measure of the healing energy to these locations and begin to work to correct whatever problem exists there. As with energy channeling, sensing the energy with your hands is a natural human ability you already have inherent within you. Opening yourself to the sensations that the energy produces, in your hands, is all you need do. Your hands are very useful in sensing the energy in your patient's energy field because they may be moved through various areas of the energy field to inform you of what areas are in particular need of healing.

  Sensing the energy with your hands takes a little time to learn, as the sensations are often subtle, but the following Fingertip Sweep Exercise will assist you in beginning to feel the sensation that the energy produces in your hands:

Call in the energy as you have learned to do in steps 1 to 3 of the calling in the energy exercise on the "Channeling the Energy" page, until you feel the energy tingling in your hands. This tingling, which means you have brought extra energy into your hands, not only means your hands are ready to channel energy into your patient but also means your hands have become more sensitive so they are able to feel the energy.

Place your hands out in front of you, somewhat less than a foot apart, with palms flat and facing each other, fingers together. Now bend the wrist of your right hand so that the palm of that hand points towards you, and the fingertips of that hand point towards the open palm of your left hand.

"Sweep" the fingers of your right hand across your open left palm slowly, with finger-tips about three or four inches away from it. Try sweeping one finger, or a few.

What sensation do you feel in the palm of your left hand as you do this? Do not try to "think about" what you are feeling, but simply let go and open yourself to whatever sensation comes.

Try sweeping your fingertips in different directions (e.g. up and down vs. left and right). Do you feel anything in your left palm, as the fingers of your right hand sweep across it? The sensation will be subtle. You are sensing the energy field emanating from your fingertips as it sweeps across the palm of the opposite hand.

Now switch—sweep the fingers of your left hand across your right palm, in the exact same way as before. Do you feel anything? Is one of your palms more sensitive than the other? Experiment with this exercise. Repeat it several times a day to become accustomed to sensing the energy, with your hands. It may take a little practice.

  After you have begun to sense the energy emanating from your fingertips through practicing this exercise, it is time to try sensing the energy field of a "live" patient. You will do this by using a technique called the Passing of Hands. In this technique, your hands are slowly passed palm-down along the body surface of your patient, approximately four to five inches above skin level (see Figure below). Whatever energetic defects may exist in the energy field around the body of your patient will register as subtle sensations in the palms of your hands. Often, these sensations will be a subtle feeling of a "bump" or "dip," or a subtle sense of heat or coldness. You may receive other subtle sensations as well. It is these sensations in your palms, along with the intuitive impressions which you receive while performing this technique, that will inform you of the condition of the energy field over whatever region of your patient's body you are "scanning" with your hands. Proceed as follows:

Have your patient lie flat on your treatment table, arms at his or her sides. Now, call in the energy as you have learned to do in steps 1 to 3 of the calling in the energy exercise on the "Channeling the Energy" page, until you feel the energy tingling in your hands. Once again, this tingling means your hands have been sensitized so they can feel the energy.

Now, begin to scan the body of your patient, by using the palm of one hand at a time. Start with your right hand, whether you are right-handed or left-handed (the right hand is "dominant" in sensing the energy in most people). Begin at the top of the head. Hold your hand level, with fingers spread slightly, as if resting. Your hand should be about four or five inches above the body surface. As you scan, move your open palm slowly—two to three inches per second is the ideal speed. "Forget yourself" while you do this, and instead open yourself to any sensation that may form in your hand as you do so. Just be open to any sensation which comes. Do you feel anything around the top or sides of the head, over the face or over the throat area? Can you feel any of the head chakras?

Move downwards, to the abdomen. Scan the entire abdomen. Do you feel anything around the shoulders, down the arms or over the center of the chest or belly? Can you feel any of the abdominal chakras? Remember not to move your hands too quickly. Over what areas of your patient's body do you feel something—a subtle sensation in your hands?

Continue scanning the entire front of the body in this way, including the hips, upper legs and lower legs. Do you sense something in any of these lower areas?

What intuitive impressions did you get, as you passed your hands over the chakras, or over other areas where you felt sensations in your palms? Make note of the areas where you felt sensations in your palms, and the intuitive impressions that came to you as your hand moved over these areas.

You can repeat these steps, scanning with your other hand. It is easiest to work with one hand at a time. After you have begun to sense the energy field with your right hand, try this technique with your left hand, too. Is one hand more sensitive than the other? Do your hands feel the same things, over the same areas, or slightly different sensations? Remember to use only one hand at a time, however.

The Passing of Hands

  Always practice the passing of hands without expectations. To sense the energy effectively you must have faith and believe in the energy, and release your expectations. You will then be able to feel the energy as it is, and receive clear intuitive information on the condition of your patient's energy field. Move away from concentrating on just your hand, or worrying if you are performing this method correctly, and instead simply relax and allow sensations and impressions form in your whole being as you scan the energy field of your patient. You already have the ability to gain these impressions and this information. All you need to do is suspend your thinking process and allow them to come.

©1994 - 2012 Stephen H. Barrett